Conversation Among Masters

Las Vegas , United States / May 15, 2016

At Conversation Among Masters (CAM) event in Las Vegas, Eva Wong will lead Chinese coaches in a "warrior" face-off with US coaches. 

Eva was invited to the three-day annual event to showcase her role in bridging the divide between the Chinese and Western coaching industries. She hopes the warrior game, which will take place on the afternoon of Day 1 of the event, will bring Chinese coaching to the attention of American coaches. 

On the afternoon of Day 3 of CAM, Eva will be In Conversation, discussing the non-profit, Heart Chorus Association International (HCAI) she founded 21 years ago. As part of HCAI's Young Leader's Program, HCAI has supported eight Chinese university students to take part in the CAM events and benefit for the mentorship of the coaches assembled there. 

China's coaching pioneer, Eva is now full committed to bringing the Chinese and US coaching industries, while also–through HCAI–bringing young Chinese to the US and providing them with the tools to become future responsible leaders, in an effort that aims to bring the world's two biggest economies closer together.